Counterfeit US Currency,Fake Gold and Pangolins seized

The Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) led a multi-agency operation that resulted in the arrest of 2 suspect and the seizure of one Giant pangolin skin as well as counterfeit US currency known as “Black Dollars”, fake gold powder and a small quantity of marijuana. On May 10, 2023, operatives acted on intelligence and met with a suspect to purchase a pangolin skin that was being offered for sale. After arrest, the suspect led the officers to a second location where a second male was arrested. A search resulted in the seizure of counterfeit US dollars known as “Black Dollars”, 2.5 kgs of fake gold powder and narcotics. The Black Dollars are used to fraudulently onvince victems that the currency is real. Approximately $30,000 in Black Dollars and $10,000 in counterfeit dollars were seized.

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