Poachers Camp raided near Murchinson Falls National Park in Uganda

A multi-agency operation, led by the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU), resulted in the arrest of one suspect who unalwfully possessed pangolin scales, python skins and other animal parts. On May 20, 2023, the UWCU traveled to the Kiryandongo District in Central Uganda and located a poachers camp near the border of Murchinson Falls National Park. Intelligence suggested the suspect at the camp was offering pangolin scales for sale. Supported by the Uganda Wildlife AUthority and Uganda Police Force, the operatives met with the man who took them to his camp. Various wildlife items were located, to include python skins, crocodile head, porcupine quills, as well as horns, skins, claws and bones of other animals. Also located were numerous snares and traps. The suspect was arrested and transported to Kampala.

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