Operation Hatfield Triumph: UWCU’s Swift Action Leads to Arrest of Elephant Ivory Traffickers

In a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU), Operation Hatfield has once again demonstrated its effectiveness by successfully apprehending two individuals attempting to sell 15.5 kilograms of elephant ivory. The UWCU team engaged with the traffickers near Kawempe, skillfully negotiating a resolution that culminated in the arrest of the suspects. While the quantity seized may be modest, the significance lies in the capture of one individual, a broker who had managed to evade arrest in previous investigations.

This operation stands as a testament to the dedication and proficiency of the UWCU team, showcasing their ability to swiftly respond to wildlife crimes. By intercepting and disrupting the illegal trade in elephant ivory, Operation Hatfield not only safeguards the majestic species but also upholds the integrity of previous investigations.

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