Operation Penguin results in more Sandalwood seizures in Kenya

In a continuing effort to combat illegal wildlife activities, the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF) has once again demonstrated its effectiveness in a successful law enforcement operation targeting the illegal trade in sandalwood. A vigilant team of officers, part of a dynamic multi-agency collaboration, intercepted a vehicle transporting approximately 500 kilograms of illicit sandalwood near Lodungokwe. The seized contraband led to the immediate arrest of two individuals involved in this unlawful activity. This decisive action not only curtails the illegal trade but also sends a strong message that the KWTF is unwavering in its commitment to preserving Kenya’s natural heritage.

The KWTF’s track record speaks volumes about its dedication to wildlife conservation and law enforcement. Since its inception, the task force has achieved significant milestones in Kenya, including the seizure of over 49 tonnes of sandalwood and 257 kilograms of elephant ivory through various law enforcement operations. These accomplishments underscore the KWTF’s pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s biodiversity and serve as a testament to the ongoing battle against illicit wildlife trade in the region.

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