Operation Falcon Soars: KWTF’s Multi-Agency Operation Nabs 5 Ivory Traffickers

In a resounding success for wildlife conservation, Operation Falcon, spearheaded by the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF), achieved a significant breakthrough by apprehending five individuals engaged in the illegal sale of 59 kilograms of elephant ivory. Acting on intelligence, the multi-agency team swiftly deployed to Menwe, where the illicit trade was taking place. The operation unfolded with precision, resulting in the arrest of the subjects involved in the unlawful trafficking of ivory. The subjects now face charges under the Wildlife and Conservation Act in Kenya, reinforcing the commitment of law enforcement agencies to combat wildlife crimes and protect the nation’s endangered species.

Operation Falcon stands as a testament to the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in combating illegal wildlife trade. By acting on intelligence and swiftly executing the operation, the KWTF and its multi-agency partners demonstrate their dedication to upholding wildlife conservation laws and ensuring that those responsible for exploiting endangered species face the consequences of their actions.

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