Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit’s Operation Adelong: Arrests Made in Seizure of White Rhino Horn

In a major breakthrough for wildlife conservation, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) spearheaded a significant multi-agency law enforcement operation that successfully culminated in the seizure of a white rhino horn weighing approximately 1.25 kilograms in Kampala. The operation not only resulted in the confiscation of the illicit horn but also led to the apprehension of three traffickers who had conspired to sell the rhino horn to the UWCU team. Among those arrested were two South Sudanese males and one Ugandan female. Investigations indicated that the rhino horn had been smuggled into Uganda from South Sudan, highlighting the cross-border nature of the illegal wildlife trade.

This operation, aptly named Operation Adelong, underscores the tireless efforts of the UWCU and its multi-agency partners in combating wildlife crimes. The arrest of individuals involved in the trafficking of a white rhino horn sends a clear message that illegal activities threatening endangered species will not be tolerated. The collaborative approach showcased in this operation reflects the commitment of law enforcement agencies to protect Uganda’s rich biodiversity and preserve the iconic white rhino population.

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