“Operation Ventnor: UWCU Strikes Against Hippo Tooth Trafficking Near Queen Elizabeth National Park

In a decisive move against wildlife trafficking, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) executed Operation Ventnor, focusing on the illicit trade of hippo teeth. Operating near the Queen Elizabeth National Park, officers engaged with a trafficker in Rwimi, uncovering a disturbing attempt to sell hippo teeth. In a multi-agency collaboration, the operation unfolded as one trafficker brought forth a sack containing a 72 pieces of hippo teeth. The male subject was promptly arrested, marking a crucial intervention in the illegal wildlife trade, and subsequently transported to Kampala to face charges in the Special Wildlife Crime Court.

Operation Ventnor not only reflects the UWCU’s unwavering commitment to combat wildlife crime but also sheds light on the persistent challenges faced in protecting vulnerable species. The trafficking of hippo teeth poses a severe threat to these majestic creatures, and the successful apprehension of the trafficker underscores the significance of proactive law enforcement efforts. As the UWCU continues to take decisive actions against wildlife trafficking, Operation Ventnor stands as a testament to the dedication and vigilance required to safeguard Uganda’s diverse and endangered wildlife.

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