Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit Foils Elephant Tusk Trafficking: 4 Arrested near Queen Elizabeth National Park

In a resolute move, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) spearheaded an operation resulting in the apprehension of four individuals attempting to sell two elephant tusks, totaling 10 kg. Acting on intelligence, UWCU officers swiftly intervened in response to reports of traffickers near Kasese Town, who had purportedly trapped and killed a young elephant near the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. The group was brazenly offering the tusks for sale, prompting a strategic response from law enforcement. After negotiations, the UWCU officers successfully arrested three females and one male subject, who had supplied the two tusks. This operation serves as a powerful testament to the unwavering determination of Focused Conservation and the UWCU in their shared commitment to protect the wildlife of Uganda from the clutches of illegal trade.

The successful operation (OPeration Aldinga) not only underscores the efficacy of intelligence-led conservation efforts but also highlights the persistent threat posed by wildlife traffickers. The UWCU’s swift and decisive action in apprehending those involved not only safeguards the region’s biodiversity but sends a clear message that attempts to exploit Uganda’s natural treasures will be met with formidable resistance. This resounding success reaffirms the collective dedication of Focused Conservation and the UWCU in their mission to preserve the country’s diverse and invaluable wildlife.

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