“Operation Barmah Triumph: UWCU Seizes 46 kgs of Elephant Ivory in Covert Operation”

In a significant triumph against wildlife trafficking, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) spearheaded Operation Barmah on January 23, 2024, resulting in the confiscation of 46 kilograms of elephant ivory. Operating undercover, UWCU operatives, supported by officers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Police Force, posed as potential buyers during a meeting with the wildlife trafficker in southwest Uganda. The operation unfolded at a large compound where the illicit ivory was stored. A swift and coordinated search not only led to the seizure of the contraband but also resulted in the arrest of an individual present at the scene. The apprehended subject has been transported to Kampala to face charges, marking another successful chapter in UWCU’s ongoing efforts to combat wildlife crime and preserve Uganda’s precious biodiversity.

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