Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit Rescues live Pangolin in Operation Brim Crackdown

n a law enforcement operation on February 15, 2024, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) executed a successful takedown of a notorious wildlife trafficking ring, rescuing a live white-bellied pangolin from the clutches of traffickers. Undercover operatives, posing as buyers, orchestrated the rescue, leading to the arrest of four individuals involved in the illicit pangolin trade. The joint effort, spearheaded by officers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Police Force, marks a significant victory in the fight against wildlife crime.

The rescued pangolin, found severely dehydrated after being wrapped in a sack, is now under the care of experts from the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Biodiversity Alliance. Intensive treatment is underway, with the ultimate goal of releasing the pangolin back into its natural habitat. Additionally, authorities seized a sack containing 7 kilograms of pangolin scales, further disrupting the illegal trade network and safeguarding these critically endangered creatures.

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