Focused Conservation and Kenya DCI Forge Ahead in Wildlife Crime Combat: Strengthening Partnership

In a bid to intensify the battle against wildlife crime in Kenya, a delegation from Focused Conservation, led by CEO Wim Brown, recently convened with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) at their headquarters in Nairobi. The meeting, which included Director of Investigations Eric Stouch and DCI Director Mohamed I. Amin, underscored the unwavering commitment to collaborative efforts in safeguarding Kenya’s precious biodiversity.

The discussion, held at the DCI Headquarters, echoed CEO Brown’s emphasis on the invaluable nature of a sustained partnership between Focused Conservation, Kenya, and the DCI in combatting wildlife crimes. This sentiment reaffirmed the agreement established in 2021 when Focused Conservation and the DCI jointly formed the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF), dedicated to confronting the scourge of wildlife trafficking within the nation.

The KWTF, a shining example of collaborative law enforcement, has since emerged as a formidable force, seizing significant contraband since its inception. Among the notable achievements are the confiscation of 50,830 kilograms of illegal sandalwood, 393 kilograms of elephant ivory, 9 kilograms of pangolin scales, and 500 kilograms of blackwood, illustrating the task force’s unwavering resolve in protecting Kenya’s natural resources.

During the meeting, CEO Brown underscored the necessity for ongoing capacity-building initiatives, emphasizing the need for additional training opportunities to bolster the effectiveness and professionalism of law enforcement personnel engaged in combating wildlife crime. Director Amin, reciprocating the commitment, pledged continued support from the DCI, ensuring the deployment of skilled investigators to reinforce the efforts of the KWTF.

The results of the deliberations saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Focused Conservation and the DCI, cementing their commitment to a sustained partnership aimed at investigating and disrupting wildlife trafficking in Kenya. This formal agreement reaffirms their collective dedication to preserving Kenya’s natural resources and combatting the illegal exploitation of its wildlife.

The collaborative efforts between Focused Conservation and the DCI serve as a sign of hope in the fight against wildlife crime, highlighting the importance of partnerships in safeguarding global wildlife. As Kenya stands at the forefront of conservation efforts, solid alliances such as these underscore the collective determination to protect our wildlife for generations to come.

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