UWCU’s Operation Bungonia Thwarts Pangolin Trafficking in Uganda

In Uganda, the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) recently executed Operation Bungonia, a highly successful law enforcement initiative targeting wildlife traffickers. The operation centered on intercepting the trafficking of a live pangolin and pangolin skin, a testament to the ongoing efforts to combat illegal wildlife trade.

Three wildlife traffickers were apprehended during the operation. They had traveled to Moroto in northeast Uganda, where they met with UWCU investigators posing as potential buyers. The live pangolin, concealed in a metal box on the back of a motorcycle, was intercepted before it could be traded illegally.

Despite being dehydrated and sustaining minor injuries, the Ground pangolin received prompt medical attention from UWA rangers and was eventually released back into its natural habitat. This swift action by the wildlife crime unit not only saved the pangolin’s life but also prevented another protected species from falling victim to illegal trafficking.

Operation Bungonia underscores the dedication of UWCU and its partners in safeguarding Uganda’s wildlife heritage. Such proactive enforcement efforts are crucial in combating the illicit wildlife trade and ensuring the conservation of endangered species.

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