Kenya Wildlife Task Force Foils Trafficking Attempt, Pangolin dies at hands of Traffickers

In Kenya, the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF) recently made a significant arrest in the Mahoo area of Taita Taveta County. Two traffickers were apprehended during a law enforcement operation as they attempted to sell a live Temminck’s pangolin. Intelligence gathered by the task force led to an attempted rescue of the pangolin, although tragically, the animal died the night before the arrests were made. An autopsy conducted by the Kenya Wildlife Service revealed that the pangolin had died from suffocation. This investigation has been dubbed Operation Roller.

Both suspects have been arrested and charged with violating provisions of the Wildlife and Conservation Management Act of Kenya. The Temminck’s pangolin is a species entirely terrestrial and commonly found in savannah and woodland habitats. Remarkably, this marks the seventh seizure of pangolin scales and a live pangolin made by the KWTF in the Taita area.

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