Operation Mesite: Crackdown on Illegal Sandalwood Trafficking in Embu County, Kenya

In a proactive move to combat illegal wildlife trafficking, the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF) initiated Operation Mesite, focusing on the rampant trade of sandalwood in Embu County, Kenya. The operation unfolded as KWTF agents uncovered a significant cache of approximately 500 kilograms of sandalwood concealed within a Toyota Probox, belonging to a sandalwood trafficker.

Swift action led to the arrest of the main suspect, along with three of his associates, who were allegedly involved in the illicit trade. In addition to the arrests, KWTF seized both the contraband sandalwood and the vehicle used for transportation.

Operation Mesite stands as a testament to KWTF’s unwavering commitment to combatting wildlife crime and safeguarding Kenya’s precious natural resources. Through collaborative efforts and decisive actions, KWTF continues to disrupt illegal wildlife trafficking networks, sending a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated.

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