Kenya Wildlife Task Force Strikes Against Elephant Ivory Trafficking in Operation Batis

In another blow to wildlife trafficking, the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF) recently executed Operation Batis near Nanyuki, Kenya. This operation led to the apprehension of four wildlife traffickers who were actively engaged in the illegal sale of elephant ivory.

During the arrest, law enforcement officers discovered 55 kilograms of ivory concealed within a package, suspected to originate from two elephant tusks. The seizure underscores the severity of the threat posed by ivory trafficking to Kenya’s iconic wildlife populations.

In addition to the contraband ivory, the KWTF seized crucial evidence including cellphones and a set of digital scales. These items are vital in building a strong case against the traffickers and holding them accountable for their crimes against wildlife.

Operation Batis highlights the unwavering commitment of the KWTF to combat wildlife crime and protect Kenya’s natural heritage. By disrupting illegal trafficking networks and apprehending perpetrators, the KWTF is taking proactive steps to safeguard endangered species and preserve biodiversity for future generations.

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