Operation Anaheim: Ivory trafficking continues in Uganda

Focused Conservation is proud to highlight the success of Operation Anaheim, a multi-agency operation led by the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU). This significant investigation culminated in the seizure of 50 kg of elephant ivory and the arrest of three suspects involved in wildlife trafficking.

Acting on intelligence that traffickers in western Uganda were actively selling ivory, operatives from the UWCU traveled to Kyegegwa. Disguised as potential buyers, the dedicated team spent 36 hours negotiating with the traffickers. Their patience and strategic approach paid off when three suspects arrived on motorcycles, carrying eight large pieces of ivory. When assembled, these pieces constituted three large tusks and two smaller tusks, a tragic reminder of the impact of illegal poaching on Africa’s majestic elephants.

The successful arrests and seizure were made possible with the invaluable assistance of the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Police Force. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of multi-agency cooperation in tackling wildlife crime.

Operation Anaheim is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the UWCU and its partners in combating wildlife trafficking. It represents a significant step forward in protecting Uganda’s wildlife and ensuring that those who engage in illegal poaching and trafficking are brought to justice.

Focused Conservation commends the UWCU, the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and the Uganda Police Force for their relentless efforts in this successful operation.

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