Kenya Wildlife Task Force Unveils Operation Ridley

On June 21, 2024, the Kenya Wildlife Task Force (KWTF) successfully executed Operation Ridley, targeting illegal wildlife trafficking involving African Rock Python skins. This critical investigation, conducted near Nairobi, focused on disrupting a trafficking network dealing in the skins of these protected reptiles.

During the undercover operation, KWTF officers were offered one python skin, leading to the immediate arrest of two suspects. The suspects were charged with violations of the Wildlife and Conservation Management Act, underscoring the legal consequences of wildlife trafficking. Both individuals have since pled guilty to the charges, marking a victory in the fight against wildlife crime.

Operation Ridley highlights the relentless dedication of KWTF and their ongoing efforts to protect Kenya’s wildlife. The success of this operation demonstrates the effectiveness of coordinated law enforcement and conservation efforts in tackling illegal wildlife trade.

Focused Conservation remains committed to supporting such crucial initiatives, providing expertise, resources, and training to empower local authorities in their fight against wildlife trafficking.

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