Experts who bring wildlife traffickers to justice

Focused Conservation stands out in the arena of wildlife conservation and combating wildlife trafficking due to the extensive law enforcement experience of its team members. The fact that the organization is comprised of ex-criminal investigators from the United States and United Kingdom, with hundreds of years of collective law enforcement experience, sets it apart from many other organizations in this field.

The expertise and firsthand knowledge of the Focused Conservation team members in investigating and combating transnational criminal organizations bring a unique perspective and skill set to their work. Their understanding of the complexities of transnational crime, including the tactics, networks, and operations involved, enables them to effectively target wildlife trafficking syndicates.

Having worked globally on various criminal investigations, the team at Focused Conservation has the advantage of cross-cultural understanding and the ability to navigate complex international landscapes. This experience allows them to build strong relationships with law enforcement agencies and partners worldwide, enhancing their collaborative efforts to disrupt wildlife crime.

Overall, the combination of extensive law enforcement experience, transnational investigation expertise, and a data-driven approach distinguishes Focused Conservation from many other organizations in the field. Their unique background and skill set contribute to their success in disrupting wildlife crime syndicates and making a tangible impact in the fight against wildlife trafficking.

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