Current Openings

Technical Advisor – Special Wildlife Crime Unit Liberia


Focused Conservation, a non-profit working to end the illegal wildlife trade, is seeking a full time Technical Advisor/Wildlife Crime Investigator to support the management of a trusted and successful Wildlife Crime Office in Liberia.

The Technical Advisor will work closely with Focused Conservation management as well as NGO and Government partners to manage a proactive team of investigators to tackle the threat of illegal wildlife trafficking within Liberia and beyond.  S/he will be responsible for managing a substantial budget, allocating funds, conducting proactive and reactive investigations and operational development. This will involve working complex wildlife crime investigations, advising on routine practices of seizing evidence, report writing, surveillance, source handling, analysis, and evidence exploitation as well as coordinating with domestic, regional, and international partners involved in the investigation of illicit wildlife trafficking.


The Technical Advisor must have:

  • Substantial international law enforcement experience.
  • A proven track record of driving and leading international investigations and achieving criminal justice excellence in preparation and presentation of evidence.
  • Experience working internationally and managing vetted units in hostile environments.
  • Knowledge of International Criminal Laws regarding illicit wildlife trafficking as well as host nation laws attributable to illicit wildlife trafficking.
  • Ability to apply methods, techniques, procedures, and practices in criminal investigations with knowledge specific to the investigation of illicit wildlife trafficking.
  • Strong computer software skills, including but not limited to word-processing and excel.
  • Understanding of the principles and practices of case management.
  • Experience with source handling.
  • Ability to coordinate with domestic, regional, and international partners.
  • Budget management skills.
  • Knowledge of working in Liberia is preferred but not essential


The Technical Advisor will:

  • Oversee employees’ daily and weekly work schedules.
  • Monitor, coach, and mentor all SWCU staff performance and ensure personnel are working as efficiently and accurately as possible in a team oriented professional culture.
  • Maintain a consistent level of communication with all employees and management.
  • Apply methods and techniques of undercover law enforcement work and surveillance.
  • Communicate professionally and diplomatically.
  • Manage the unit’s budget and allocate funds.
  • Carry out due diligence and provide financial reporting.



Focused Conservation is offering a competitive salary. The Technical Advisor will be required to live in Monrovia, Liberia, working 9 weeks in country followed by 3 weeks leave. Quarterly flights home will be provided. The successful applicant will be provided quality accommodation whilst living in Liberia.  A generous remuneration and allowances package is provided.


Each year, millions of animals are illegally caught or killed to be sold as pets, trophies, skins, high-end trinkets, and traditional medicine. Run by dangerous criminal networks, the illegal wildlife trade generates up to $23 billion a year, making it the fourth largest criminal industry in the world after drugs, arms, and human trafficking. Wildlife crime not only threatens the survival of some of our planet’s most iconic species, it also fuels corruption, destabilizes communities and funds violent extremism across the globe.

Founded in 2018 by former DEA agent, Wim Brown, Focused Conservation is zeroing in on wildlife trafficking syndicates to fight back and put an end to wildlife crime.  Our mission is to dismantle the illegal wildlife trade by supporting governments and law enforcement agencies in investigating, arresting and prosecuting wildlife traffickers.

Focused Conservation is an equal opportunity employer.




  • Please apply by sending your CV to
  • Subject: “Technical Advisor Liberia – Surname”
  • All applicants/CV’s will be reviewed followed by a selection of applicants for a formal interview.
  • Following the interview process an applicant will be given a formal offer of employment.
  • Job announcement closing date will be 15 February 2022.