At Focused Conservation, our investigations team is on the front lines of the fight against wildlife trafficking. We believe that successful prosecutions of wildlife criminals are key to reducing the demand for illegal wildlife products and protecting endangered species.

With nearly 475 years of combined law enforcement experience, Focused Conservation’s team is well-equipped to provide support and guidance to law enforcement agencies involved in tackling wildlife crime. By leading investigations to infiltrate and dismantle wildlife trafficking synidcates at the highest levels, Focused Conservation is targeting the core of these criminal networks.

We firmly believe that collaboration is key to achieving lasting change. Working closely with government agencies and law enforcement units in host-nations, we foster strong partnerships built on trust and mutual understanding. By aligning our objectives and pooling resources, we bolster the capacity of local authorities to tackle organized crime effectively. These collaborative efforts not only lead to successful prosecutions but also enhance the sustainability of our impact on the ground.

Our team has a proven
track record of success

We have played a critical role in high-profile wildlife trafficking investigations, resulting in the arrests and convictions of some of the most notorious wildlife criminals in the world. We work to bring these criminals to justice and to dismantle the criminal networks that enable their illegal trade.

Beyond leading rigorous investigations, we place significant emphasis on vetting, training, and mentoring trusted law enforcement units with a specialized mandate to tackle wildlife crime head-on. Our team of expert technical advisors collaborate closely with these Wildlife Crime Units, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to confront this illicit trade. We firmly believe that addressing corruption within law enforcement is crucial, and our training programs focus on strengthening units against such threats. While our investigative efforts with these Units yield immediate impact, our collaborative efforts with these governments offer a sustainable and long-term solution to the pressing challenge of wildlife crime in their regions.


Successful Investigations by the crime Units

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