Liberia Special
Wildlife Investigation Unit

The establishment of the Liberia Special Wildlife Investigation Unit (SWIU) in May 2023 is a significant step in combating wildlife crime and protecting endangered species in Liberia.

The SWIU’s dedicated and specialized approach to investigating and dismantling wildlife trafficking networks has already yielded positive results in a relatively short period.

The SWIU operates in close collaboration with government partners such as the Liberia National Police, Liberia Forestry Development Authority, Liberia Customs and other relevant agencies. This collaborative effort allows for coordinated actions and a more effective response to wildlife crime within Liberia’s jurisdiction.

Since its establishment, the SWIU has conducted several significant operations that have resulted in the arrest of wildlife traffickers involved in the illegal wildlife trade. These operations have also led to the seizure of various wildlife products, including a live baby chimpanzee, 26 African grey parrots, and nearly 400 kilograms of pangolin scales. Such enforcement actions not only disrupt wildlife trafficking networks but also serve as a deterrent to potential traffickers.

The SWIU’s successful operations highlight the importance of specialized units focused on wildlife crime investigation. By targeting and apprehending wildlife traffickers, the SWIU contributes to the protection of Liberia’s biodiversity and the conservation of endangered species.

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