The establishment of the Nigeria Special Wildlife Office (NSWO) in 2022 by Focused Conservation in collaboration with the Nigerian Customs Service demonstrates a commitment to combating wildlife trafficking in Nigeria.

The NSWO serves as a specialized unit dedicated to addressing wildlife crime and dismantling trafficking networks operating within the country.

Although relatively new, the NSWO has made significant seizures during wildlife trafficking investigations. These seizures have included illicit wildlife products such as elephant ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, and live animals including 100 African grey parrots and one baby chimpanzee. The confiscation of these items reflects the commitment and effectiveness of the NSWO in tackling the illegal wildlife trade and protecting endangered species.

By collaborating with the Nigerian Customs Service, Focused Conservation aims to enhance the capacity and expertise of law enforcement agencies in Nigeria to combat wildlife trafficking. The NSWO likely works closely with other government agencies and international partners to gather intelligence, conduct investigations, and bring wildlife traffickers to justice.

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