Focused Conservation’s mission is to dismantle Illicit Wildlife Trafficking (IWT) by supporting in-country and internationally mandated law enforcement (LE) agencies with investigating, arresting and prosecuting wildlife traffickers.

Focused Conservation is comprised of a team of law enforcement experts with a combined 475+ years of advanced international law enforcement experience with backgrounds from:

We have proven experience and success bringing together international LE and conservation partners to dismantle transnational organized criminal networks.

In the past, efforts to address the growing scourge of wildlife crime by the non-profit sector were hampered by a lack of expertise within the law enforcement domain and lack of knowledge and awareness of best practices related to intelligence collection, analysis, case management, evidence handling, and proper LE use of force and human rights tactics. Moreover, law enforcement units in Africa were not focused on wildlife crime, too often considered a low-level offense, leaving countries unprepared to effectively address the transnational wildlife crime wave emerging in the early 2000’s.

In 2018, Focused Conservation was established to specifically address these gaps, through the application of best practices law enforcement techniques, combined with constant, on-site mentoring. Focused Conservation remains the only organization in Africa providing direct support and mentoring to dedicated wildlife crime units.

To succeed with the mission, Focused Conservation employs these core strategies:


Leading and coordinating intricate international investigations to penetrate and exploit organized trafficking networks while building strong cases for legal action.


Enhancing the capabilities of wildlife law enforcement crime units in host nations to effectively combat organized crime, achieved through the establishment and support of vetted and trusted teams.


Collecting, analyzing, and sharing vital information and intelligence with law enforcement agencies and partners to drive investigations forward.


Providing comprehensive support to conservation enforcement counterparts globally by offering training, support and mentorship from subject matter experts.
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