In 2021, Focused Conservation played a significant role in supporting an Investigative Liaison who collaborated with key partners in South Africa to address wildlife trafficking issues.

This collaboration involved working closely with the South Africa Police Service and their HAWKS Unit (Hawks Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation), South African National Parks, Kruger National Park, and several other relevant organizations.

The presence of the Investigative Liaison, supported by Focused Conservation, has resulted in tangible outcomes. Together, they have contributed to nearly 40 law enforcement operations aimed at combating wildlife trafficking in South Africa. These operations have led to over 100 arrests, demonstrating the effectiveness of their joint efforts in disrupting wildlife crime networks and apprehending offenders.

During these operations, a wide range of protected species and wildlife products were seized. The items confiscated included abalone (a type of marine snail highly valued in illegal trade), lemurs (endangered primates), cycads (rare and threatened plant species), and elephant ivory (derived from poached elephants). The diversity of the seized items reflects the broad scope of wildlife trafficking challenges in South Africa and the commitment of Focused Conservation and its partners to addressing them comprehensively.

By collaborating with the South African law enforcement agencies, national parks, and other stakeholders, Focused Conservation and the Investigative Liaison have made significant contributions to wildlife protection efforts in South Africa. Their work helps disrupt illegal wildlife trade networks, protect endangered species, and bring perpetrators to justice.

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