The establishment of the Uganda Wildlife Crime Unit (UWCU) in 2018 by Focused Conservation in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority has made significant strides in addressing wildlife trafficking issues in Uganda.

The UWCU serves as a specialized unit dedicated to combatting wildlife crime and dismantling trafficking networks within the country.

Since its establishment, the UWCU has conducted over 665 law enforcement operations, reflecting the unit’s active efforts in combating wildlife trafficking. These operations have resulted in the arrest of nearly 300 wildlife traffickers, highlighting the unit’s commitment to enforcing wildlife protection laws and bringing offenders to justice.

Furthermore, the UWCU has been successful in seizing various protected species of wildlife. These seizures have included items such as elephant ivory, pangolin scales, eggs, and hippo teeth. These confiscations underscore the unit’s effectiveness in intercepting and preventing the illegal trade of endangered species and their derivatives.

By collaborating with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Focused Conservation aims to strengthen law enforcement capacity, enhance investigations, and support the prosecution of wildlife traffickers in Uganda. The UWCU likely works closely with other government agencies, conservation organizations, and international partners to gather intelligence, conduct operations, and ensure the protection of Uganda’s wildlife heritage

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