Focused Conservation’s mission is to dismantle the illicit wildlife trade (IWT) by supporting governments and law enforcement agencies in investigating, arresting and prosecuting wildlife traffickers.


By utilizing actionable evidence and working closely with law enforcement agencies, Focused Conservation contributes to the dismantling of these networks and the apprehension of high-level individuals involved in wildlife trafficking.  Targeting the “untouchables” or kingpins of the wildlife trafficking underworld is particularly important, as it disrupts the core leadership and structure of these criminal organizations.

Drawing on nearly 475 years of combined national and international law enforcement experience, Focused Conservation brings valuable expertise to the table. By leveraging their expertise and collaborating with government partners, Focused Conservation can effectively gather intelligence, identify key actors, and uncover intricate networks involved in wildlife trafficking.


The attention by Focused Conservation on vetting, training and mentoring law enforcement units dedicated to combatting wildlife crime addresses critical gaps in the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking.  Corruption poses a significant challenge to effective law enforcement, particularly in seaports, airports, border crossings, customs departments and judicial systems. By concentrating efforts on these areas, Focused Conservation recognizes the need to tackle corruption as an integral part of dismantling wildlife trafficking networks.
The organization’s technical advisors play a vital role in strengthening Wildlife Crime Units, equipping them with necessary tools and knowledge to combat corruption and effectively gather evidence againts wildlife traffickers.  By enhancing the capacity of law enforcement agencies, Focused Conservation aims to build sustainable and long-term solutions to wildlife crime, ensuring efforts to combat illegal wildlife trafficking  can continue beyond individual investigations.

Focused Conservation provides training and hands-on mentoring to partners worldwide, to include Wildlife Crime Units initiated and supported in Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.  

Intelligence Reporting

The challenges posed by transnational criminal networks engaged in wildlife crime require a coordinated and collaborative response.  Focused Conservation recognizes the need for effective communication, information sharing, and collarboration across borders and institutions to counter these networks.

Trafficking kingpins operating in wildlife crime are known for their ingenuity, sophistication, and agility in evading law enforcement.  They frequently shift their operations between countries, utilizing advanced communications systems and technology to avoid detection.  In response, Focused Conservation emphasizes the importance of coordinated efforts and sharing actionable intelligence to disrupt and dismantle these criminal networks.

Administering an intelligence system on behalf of the Royal Foundation’s United for Wildlife program demonstrates Focused Conservation’s commitment to combating illegal wildlife trafficking on a global scale. By providing critical intelligence, Focused Conservation plays a crucial role in raising awareness of key wildlife trafficking trends and modus operandi. 


Focused Conservation is actively engaged in delivering specialized training initiatives to enhance the capacity of law enforcement personnel in combating conservation crime. These initiatives include the Digital Evidence Exploitation Specialist (DEES) training and Law Enforcement Training for Wildlife Rangers.

The DEES program offered by Focused Conservation utilizes subject matter experts (SME) from the United States who specialize in digital evidence exploitation specific to wildlife crime. The training covers various aspects of digital evidence gathering, analysis, and utilization in investigations. Participants receive training, necessary equipment, and benefit from monthly mentoring assistance conducted by the SME’s, ensuring ongoing support and skill development.

Focused Conservation also provides law enforcement training for Wildlife Rangers, which takes place in-country and is conducted by internationally recognized trainers with extensive experience in law enforcement and military training. The training covers important topics such as Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), Firearms Safety, Crime Scene Manangement, etc. The aim is to equip wildlife rangers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effecively contribute to the work of Wildlife Crime Units and investigative teams in combattin the illegal wildlife trade.

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